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What will Disney be like?

We had a special, magical, DREAM trip planning for this week at Disney (June 2020). The universe put two conferences on our calendar, 4 days apart... meaning my husband, Darth, would agree to an exxxxxxtttrrraaaa long trip haha Every component of the trip felt just right. I got the ADR's, fp+, special events, it was all lined up. I proudly printed off all of My Plans from the website. My coping skill was working well during these uncertain times.

I held out and waited until Disney canceled my plans. I rescheduled for late July and held my breath. I can't pretend I was upset to reschedule all those plans because I LOVE planning Disney trips.

A few things happened next...

  1. *Disney announced re-opening dates. And we were good!

  2. *Disney canceled all my perfectly laid plans.

As of this writing, we are still in the 'no plans' category. Everyday I check to see when the reservation system will open - so I can navigate the new system and start planning my fantasy life again️.

I’ve noticed some people are upset about the changes - I’m sort of excited. I did have the old system ‘down’ so this is a little worrisome but I’m ready to learn something new️. What are your thoughts?

So many things about Disney I miss won’t change at all (except for the new cute masks... and rewards I’ll give the girls to keep them on️). Parade or no - fireworks or no - I’m in for this. Setting up the bubble wands and dancing on Main St.️️ For me, the feeling of driving into the park, settling into our room, smelling candy, and yelling 'here we come Mickey!!' as we walk into the park, these are things that won't change.

Additionally, masks are not socially expected where we live. I don't mind the idea of protecting others, even if it means I'm a little uncomfortable. I will be happy to feel like it's normal to protect ourselves and others in this way.

As a psychologist, I think the way people approach all of these changes in our lives - and at Disney, reveal how we take on new circumstances all the time. Of course I don't love that something I find comforting is changing... in this case planning for Disney is just the latest in a series of small and large concessions due to Covid. But I will get to GO! And as we know, change is inevitable. Let's see what's next for our favorite place :) xo Who's with me?

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