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Let's find Magic

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Welcome to Psyched Pixie!

Hi! My name is Dr Pixiedust. I'm a psychologist... and Disney is my coping skill.

We all need magic.

When I feel stressed, I start planning a Disney trip. I usually have several going at one time. It gives me pause, and let's me dream of my happy place. Oxytocin... check!

Stress hormones aren't good for us. So when I say Disney is my coping skill, I'm not joking. Dreaming about a trip, planning it, and envisioning the great time my family and I are going to have - makes my brain release the love hormone (oxytocin)... which limits the impact of stress hormones. So when people make fun of you for your Disneymania, maybe you can let them know that it's one of the healthiest coping skills around.

Who Am I?

I'm a licensed psychologist, college professor, and author. I have two daughters, and because of my work as a therapist they will be known as Tink and Twinkle on the blog to maintain their anonymity (like movie stars haha). I am a DVC and AP member - and we live about 6 hours away to WDW to drive (#vacation #dream #summer #disney #pixiedust #psychedpixie). We used to live near DL, and EuroDisney... we love Disney Cruises... we love Disney Springs... we love Disney+ haha I'm here for all of it.

Why I write

I want to share my Disney Coping Skill with you.

We go to Disney several times a year. I've figured out tips and tricks to make it more enjoyable and less stressful... for me, the planning can be part of the fun. It is a stress relief. I have found over the last several months of the pandemic - and the recent weeks with no ability to plan a new trip - how much I miss dreaming and prepping for a magical trip.

Magic Everywhere

I love magic. This blog is about finding magic everywhere we can... at Disney, in our lives, everywhere. The world is a difficult place right now - this blog is my attempt to add positivivity to the universe in place of some of the negative. Let's be here for each other. Kindness always.

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